Welcome to my campaign website!  Some of you have probably heard that I am running for Sheriff of Coffee County Georgia, and you came here to see if this is true.  Well it is true, so now that you are here I might as well ask you to please vote for me in the upcoming Sheriff election.

Please let me introduce myself.  I am Walter James and I live in Coffee County GA.  My wife, Sylvia Vickers James, and I have been married 33 years.  We both graduated from South Georgia College, met at Valdosta State College, and the rest is history.  I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Valdosta State, and a Master of Divinity degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis TN.  I am a Pastor and a Law Enforcement Officer, and have balanced these roles for many years.  My wife Sylvia is a Mathematics teacher at Coffee High and she has probably taught most of you and your children.  We have two children.  Both of my children attended Coffee County Schools, both graduated, and both will graduate from college.  Together we are the James family, and we humbly ask you to VOTE FOR WALTER JAMES in the upcoming Sheriff of Coffee County Georgia 2020 Election.

I am a Republican, and I always vote my conscious in elections.

I am 56 years old with 19+ years of real law enforcement experience in Coffee County.  My law enforcement career began in 1989 at the City of Douglas Police Department.  Back when I started in Law Enforcement, officers worked before they received training.  I worked almost a year full time, and then served as a reserve officer and chaplain for almost two additional years. 

God led me to pursue ministry education, so it was off to the Memphis TN area.  After graduation, starting a new church, and starting a family, we moved home to Douglas.

I started working at the City of Douglas Police Department again, and worked a few days shy of three years.  On August 14th of 2006, I started working at the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office.  I have worked full time since then.  Coffee County Policy will not allow a person to work in a County Job and run for a County Elected Position while employed.  With great sadness, I resigned my position on March 3rd of 2020.

Our world is changing!  Law Enforcement is harder than ever!  Education, experience, and passion for Law Enforcement will be necessary to lead Coffee County Sheriff's Department through the troubled times that our Nation, State, and County is facing.  It is time to stop all the political games, stand up for what is right, and start working hard to make Coffee County a safer place for our families.

Please vote for WALTER JAMES for Sheriff of Coffee County GA.  It is time to put Coffee County first

Please explore this site, pray hard, and vote your conscious. VOTE JAMES!

Coffee County Deputy Walter James - Vote James

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No more games, Vote JAMES!